Louis Buhl Gallery / Detroit, MI

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Jason Revok - Spirograph_32_b Monoprint #23

Jason Revok - Spirograph_32_b Monoprint #23


5-color split fountain with additional layers added, rotated and/or a change in print order on Coventry Rag, Smooth 335 gsm. Circular deckled edge, numbered and signed by the artist.
36 inch diameter (91.44 cm diameter)
One of one; unique

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For artist Jason REVOK, authorship is just as present within the tools he creates to make his work as within the works themselves. His series of Spirograph paintings attempt to harness chaos within the systematic procedure of his tool. REVOK fondly remembers having a Spirograph as a child and bought one not too long ago for his daughter; as he took in her reaction and watched her play, he was inspired to create the same beautiful, rhythmic, meditative patterns in his own work. Creating the spools and gears from wood on a massive scale, significant weight and aggression was added to the process. Instead of a drawing tool, spray paint was used to make his hypnotic marks, dripping from the canvas, “It’s a contradiction, this meditative, peaceful design that became really raw and chaotic through the use of spray paint. It’s a way of revisiting my past in an entirely different way.”

The Spirograph series created for Louis Buhl and Co. consists of prints on white or black Coventry Rag paper in editions of 50, as well as a limited number of unique monoprints. The monoprints are made (unique) through the addition of multiple layers, a rotation of the screen during printing, and/or a change in order of layers as each piece is hand pulled.