Louis Buhl Gallery / Detroit, MI

Nick Jaskey Ceramics

Nick Jaskey
Red with Light Blue 1-2

Nick Jaskey
Red with Light Blue 1-2


House paint on ceramic pot
8 inch diameter

sold out
Sold Out


Louis Buhl & Co. is proud to announce a new project with Detroit-based artist Nick Jaskey. Nick is a self taught mixed media artist using photography, painting, and sculpture to reflect and exaggerate details gone unnoticed in our chaotic existence.

"I have always wanted to figure out a way to work my paintings into something functional that can be used in every day life. This series of pots is just that. Each piece is hand painted as if it were an original painting. From afar, the painting can look printed, but up close you can see the texture from the brush and a hard edge look, which comes from individually masking and cutting out each shape. I want the work to look human and imperfect at times; it's very important for me to see my hand in the painting. I strive to find a balance somewhere between raw and polished in my work. 

My paintings tend to focus on balance and the interaction of color, and the pots work as functional color studies that mix painting with sculpture. I like the idea of the collector getting to contribute to the piece by adding a plant or flower. This is a relatively new series for me and I'm excited to see where it goes in the future." - Nick Jaskey

Jaskey breaks down and reworks inspiration he finds in his immediate surroundings with an acute attention to detail, color, and composition. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums nationwide, and his publication Signs of Life (15 years of photos shot in Detroit) (2017) has been featured in both Juxtapoz and the Detroit Metro Times.