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Jason Revok Spirograph Edition

Jason Revok
Spirograph #3 Sold Out

Jason Revok
Spirograph #3 Sold Out


Acrylic spray paint on shaped aluminum panel with reflective coating. 
60" Diameter (152.4 cm)⠀⠀
From an Edition of 10 unique works

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Presenting the disintegration of structures, the works of Jason REVOK utilize manmade tools in their creation from start to finish; whether a paint roller coiled in tape to create his Tape Loop Paintings or an apparatus that holds a row of spray cans, the devices are well-considered for their faults. Creating glitches, drips and flaws in all the right places, these systematic - yet accident-prone - tools have allowed REVOK to create distinctive series of works that are as alike as they are different. 


REVOK has developed another tool -  a giant spirograph template constructed from plywood that also holds a spray can, marking mesmerizing spirals on circular panel and metal. The tools to create his Spirograph works are just that - essentially, a scaled up stator (outside ring) made of plywood is fastened to the wall. The rotor (the smaller gear that holds the spray) is then placed inside the stator so that its teeth engage with those of the secured piece as it moves around its perimeter. The number of arrangements possible by combining gears of different sizes and shapes is endless. REVOK has made a brilliant modification to a classic drawing tool, though its evident through video footage of his process that it's not a methodology for the weak - substantial muscle is required to sustain the physicality needed to complete the work. 


This Spirograph series was created on 60" aluminum exclusively for Louis Buhl & Co. Each work is unique and original but part of a specific body of work.