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Beverly Fishman - Stack (A + B + C )

Beverly Fishman - Stack (A + B + C )


Stack (A + B + C ), 2019
21 color, hand-pulled serigraph triptych print on 130lb Cougar White with high gloss spot UV as the 22nd Layer. Straight cut, numbered and signed by the artist.
16h x 13w inches
Edition of 45

sold out
Sold Out


Louis Buhl & Co. is proud to announce a limited tripytch edition with Detroit-based artist Beverly Fishman titled Stack (A + B +C).  Her evolving exploration of glossy, pill-shaped reliefs are created to attract immediate attention, mimicking the vigorous and persuasive tactics used by drug companies and their advertising agents. Over 2 million Americans are fighting addictions to pharmaceuticals derived from opium, and medication for mood disorders and ADD/ADHD are currently as prevalent for mental illness as for recreational and occasional use. An eagerness to solve all our problems with a prescription points to a global dilemma that resonates on an ethical, social and emotional level for Fishman, who uses hue and texture in her wall reliefs to destabilize the viewer. She brightly paints the reverse of her works to cast a glow on the gallery wall, affecting a symptomatic buzz that radiates from each specimen. It is by transforming the iconography of medicine and translating it into the realm of art that Fishman forces us to consider our own attraction, revulsion, and dependence on Big Pharma.

"This print is based on one of the handmade collages that I create in order to try out color and shape combinations for my large scale polychrome reliefs. The shapes are based on pharmaceuticals, while the colors are derived from a variety of different color palettes, both natural and artificial. My polychrome reliefs, which I began to fabricate in wood and urethane paint in 2012, explore our contemporary global condition in which drugs construct and contest our identities." - Beverly Fishman


Beverly Fishman

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