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Beverly Fishman 4th print

Beverly Fishman - Untitled (Pain, Asthma, Depression, ADHD)

Beverly Fishman - Untitled (Pain, Asthma, Depression, ADHD)


12 Color, hand-pulled serigraph print on 130lb Cougar White with high gloss spot UV as the 13th Layer. Straight cut, numbered and signed by the artist.
18h x 38w inches
Edition of 50

sold out
Sold Out


Louis Buhl & Co. is proud to announce a new large-scale edition with Detroit-based artist Beverly Fishman. Untitled (Pain, Asthma, Depression, ADHD) builds physically and conceptually on previous editions as well as Fishman's evolving exploration of glossy, pill-shaped reliefs. The combining of multiple medications into prescribed doses - in order to combat related illnesses as well as offset long-term side effects from earlier medications - has become common practice in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Dosages increase as tolerance and resistance build (known as the 'prescribing cascade'), and the risk of harmful effects, drug interactions and hospitalizations escalate.” Fishman's new edition highlights this epidemic of polypharmacy, combining meds for pain, asthma, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder into a single colorful form. Each pill added increases the complexity of the composition as well as amplifies the interplay of color, mirroring the compounded physical influence on the body.


Beverly Fishman

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