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Adam Parker Smith Sculptures

Adam Parker Smith Amphora Sculpture #2

Adam Parker Smith Amphora Sculpture #2


Resin, fiberglass, steel and hydrographic with wood base
18h x 12w x 12d inches

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Louis Buhl & Co. is proud to announce a limited-run sculpture project with Brooklyn-based artist Adam Parker Smith. In conversation with a larger body of work by Smith, this series of nine one-of-a-kind sculptures mixes contemporary patterns and palettes with the traditional form of an amphora container - a shape that is associated with Ancient Greek vase painting.

Adam Parker Smith once said, “I feel like so many of my ideas start out as jokes, for better or worse.” Well known for his tongue-in-cheek creative practice, Parker Smith finds inspiration for his irreverently funny works from his personal fears, longings, obsessions, crushes, and causes of jealousy. Simultaneously, however, he has been known to simply buy ideas for his art practice from his friends. This sculpture series exemplifies Smith’s creative and playful investigation of a long history of art and traditional creative practices. Made to look like mylar balloons, these bronze sculptures celebrate the rich history of the amphora’s recognizable form.

To create these pieces Smith starts with a temporary, hand-made mylar balloon sculpture based on the form he is looking to create. He takes a 3D scan of the temporary sculpture and produces a resin print from which he makes a traditional mold for the final bronze form. The final sculpture is finished with his bold patterns using an aquatic printing process known as hydrographic.

The nine sculptures have the same base form with each featuring a different colorful pattern inspired by retro designs and palettes. Each work comes with a 12” x 12” wood base and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Adam Parker Smith

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